Doula Services

The word "doula" comes from ancient Greek and means "a woman who serves." Today, the word is used to describe a labor professional who provides physical, emotional, and informational support to a woman as she labors and births her child. Research has found that when doulas attend births, labors are shorter, there are fewer complications and there is less need for oxytocin (pitocin) to speed labor, forceps or vacuum extractor deliveries, or pain medications (including epidurals). If you have a doula attend your birth, you are also less likely to have a cesarean section. Babies are born healthier and breastfeed more easily.

I believe that the transition into motherhood (or even from one child to two, three, etc.) might be the biggest transition a woman can make in her lifetime. Whether we have a positive or negative childbirth experience can, and often does, greatly impact this transition. Every woman deserves to feel amazing about herself and the birth of her child. As a doula, I strive to give that experience to every woman I serve, no matter how she chooses to give birth.

If you are interested in learning more about my doula services, experience and training or have more questions about what a doula can do for you, please contact me at 310-774-1889 or email